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"I've never seen anything like this before!"

This is the voice we mostly get from our customers.

ALLURE Japanese Jewellery

is made with beautiful traditional Japanese paper, WASHI and, premium class metals, Hypoallergenic Metal,
14k gold filled, and Sterling Silver
, to ensure that they are safe on sensitive skin.

Combining Origami and High quality materials enable us to provide "One-of-a-kind LIFE TIME JEWELLERY".

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Our story


Crane bird has the symbolic meanings of Happiness & Good Luck.

With having those special meanings, Our Origami Crane Bird Jewellery is often chosen as a gift.

ALLURE's Best Selling Jewellery

  • Local Market

    ALLURE's journey has began with local markets in Bay of Plenty where we are based in. Every single voice that we get from customers at a local market is much appreciated and we keep making an effort to improve our brand:)
    Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

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  • Funder/Designer

    Yuko was born in Japan and is currently living in a beautiful country of New Zealand. She is based in Bay of Plenty with her husband and son.
    Yuko enjoys creating things and it was just her hobby at the beginning then, with having lots of compliments from friends, she finally funded ALLURE Japanese Jewellery.
    You will see her at local events and she always appreciates time to chat with local people where her journey has begun.

    Our Story 
  • Workshop

    We run Origami workshop upon request. You can choose papers, stones, metals from lots of options to make your own Origami Jewellery.
    For any inquiries, please contact us here:

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