Collection: reStart

It's been four years since we launched our first handcrafted origami Jewellery, back in 2018. There were so many changes to our brand as well as our life stage since then.
Now, as a Handcrafted Jewellery Brand Designer and also as a Mum, I feel like putting this collection as "reStart".
It is never too late to start/restart things.
Moreover, being a part of local markets made us able to hear direct reviews from our lovely customers and we found out that higher-class metals are much preferred for gift options.
This collection was born to meet the demand for special occasions in our life such as anniversaries, birthdays, wedding parties… or any special day.
We've chosen premium class metal,
14k Gold Filled & Sterling Silver for "reStart".

Also, 8 papers are chosen for the collection. 
Each paper is incredibly beautiful. 

Get excited on a special day with our Premium Metal Origami Jewellery.
That would definitely make the day even more unforgettable.
Hope you enjoy our new collection and the piece you choose will bring you lots of joy, happiness, good luck, and great vibes to brighten a day.
Yuko xx